Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrapper

Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrapper
Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrapper - Alt 1
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A brilliant and eco-friendly way to wrap your sandwiches and breads.

Made in Vermont, Bee's Wrap is the perfect sustainable replacement for plastic wrap or sandwich bags. Fold the beeswax-coated wrap around your sandwich and tie it by wrapping the string around a little wooden button. The heat of your hands seals the wrap in place around your sandwich. Durable and long-lasting, these coated muslin squares rely on the natural antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil to help to keep food fresh.

What you get
  • 13" x 13"
  • Made of muslin, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin
Care & storage

Wash in cool water with a mild dish soap, air dry, and fold.