Burgundy Cocoa - 16 oz.

Burgundy Cocoa - 16 oz.
Burgundy Cocoa - 16 oz. - Alt 1
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A cocoa with good looks and good taste.

With a rich, deep mahogany red color and robust, full chocolate flavor, this Dutch-process cocoa is the darling of the chocolate world. Gorgeous and flavorful, it has an intensity that's mellowed out and balanced by a higher cocoa butter level, resulting in baked goods that taste deeply of chocolate and have a beautifully strong color.

Reach for this cocoa when you want serious chocolate flavor in your baking. We love using it in cakes and sauces and frostings; it's mellow yet full, so it's perfect for recipes where the chocolate really shines.

What you get
  • 16 ounces
  • Dutch-process
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