Cookie Stamp - Set of 3

Cookie Stamp - Set of 3
Cookie Stamp - Set of 3 - Alt 1
Cookie Stamp - Set of 3 - Alt 2
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These get our "stamp of approval." You're just a stamp away from visually stunning, embossed cookies. Fun to do and gives such a beautiful look to your cookies. These beautifully crafted, heavy cast aluminum stamps are a perfect addition to any baking household.

What you get
  • Stamps come in scallop, crisscross, and floral designs.
  • 3½"-tall stamps with 3"-wide, round designs.
  • Cast aluminum stamp with wooden handle.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.
Care & storage

Hand wash and dry thoroughly. Never submerge wooden handles in water.

Test kitchen tips

Apply a light coat of oil to each stamp using a pastry brush or nonstick spray. Reapply oil if cookie dough begins to stick to stamp.