Half Sheet Pan with Blemish

Half Sheet Pan with Blemish
Half Sheet Pan with Blemish - Alt 1
Half Sheet Pan with Blemish - Alt 2
Half Sheet Pan with Blemish - Alt 3
Half Sheet Pan with Blemish - Alt 4
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Practically perfect pans!

Versatile, durable, and with only a slight blemish visible in their coating, these half-sheet pans perform to the same high standards as their perfect counterparts. Ideal for cookies, bars, focaccia, pizza, sheet cakes, breads, baking chicken, catching drips from pies, housing your cheesecake pan for stable transfer, crisping bacon under the broiler, and so much more.

This eco-friendly and easy-to-clean pan is manufactured from a mix of 65% recycled steel (for strength and durability), and aluminum (for superior conductivity)..

Pan is coated with Americoat, a clear, nonstick, non-toxic, environmentally friendly coating that is specially formulated for superior baking and an easy release of baked goods.

Our customers, and our test kitchen bakers, swear by these pans; try them yourself and see the difference they can make in your favorite recipes.

Available while supplies last.

What you get
  • 13" x 18" x 3/4"
  • Made of recycled steel and aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
Care & storage

Maximum recommended baking temperature: 450°F. Pan cleans up easily by just hand-rinsing in hot soapy water (dishwasher isn't necessary, nor advised).

Test kitchen tips

Our pre-cut half-sheet parchment paper fits perfectly in this pan, making cleanup a breeze.