First Clear Flour - 3 lb.

First Clear Flour - 3 lb.
First Clear Flour - 3 lb. - Alt 1
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Give your bread extra strength.

First clear flour is what remains after milling patent flour, giving it a darker color and higher mineral content. Traditionally, Jewish bakeries used first clear flour to bake their rye breads — the protein in first clear balances the lack of gluten in rye flour to give rye breads loftier rise and better chew. Combine first clear flour with flours that typically produce denser loaves (like whole wheat, rye, or spelt). It'll improve the rise and final texture of your baked goods, as well as add nutrition — it's higher in bran, ash, and protein than patent flours.

What you get
  • 3-pound bag
Care & storage

Store in a cool, dry place.