King Arthur Flour Baguette Pan

King Arthur Flour Baguette Pan
King Arthur Flour Baguette Pan - Alt 1
King Arthur Flour Baguette Pan - Alt 2
King Arthur Flour Baguette Pan - Alt 3
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Achieve perfect baguettes at home, with a light, airy interior and a crisp, chewy crust. Our commercial-grade pan is the secret to making bakery-quality loaves in your own kitchen; each pan produces three 15¾" traditional thin (2½") baguettes. Perforations in the surface of the pan let moisture escape, allowing loaves to crisp and brown evenly.

This eco-friendly and easy-to-clean pan is manufactured from aluminized steel for superior conductivity. Made exclusively for us by USA Pans, the gold standard in professional bakeware. This line of heavy duty pans bearing the King Arthur Flour name are unsurpassed in quality, durability and innovative design.

Pan is coated with Americoat, a clear, non-stick, non-toxic, environmentally friendly coating that is specially formulated for superior baking and an easy release of baked goods.

Our customers, and our test kitchen bakers, swear by these pans; try them yourself and see the difference they can make in your favorite recipes.

What you get
  • 9" x 16"
  • Pan wells are 3" across
  • Made in the USA
Care & storage

Lifetime warranty. Maximum recommended baking temperature: 450°F. Hand-washing recommended.

Test kitchen tips

A very slack dough, like a no-knead dough, may get stuck in the pan's perforations. We advise using a stiffer rather than softer dough in this pan.