Mini Wheat Stripes Sourdough Crock

Mini Wheat Stripes Sourdough Crock
Mini Wheat Stripes Sourdough Crock - Alt 1
Mini Wheat Stripes Sourdough Crock - Alt 2
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Give your starter a home.

Handsome stoneware crock is the perfect size and material for fridge-storage of your slumbering sourdough. Never again mistakenly throw out your starter because you forgot what was in that unmarked mason jar! Glazed inside and out to be perfectly non-reactive. Holds a scant 2 pounds brown sugar or 1 pound flour.


Sourdough starter is a living entity; it needs regular feeding. Thus we recommend no more than 10 days elapse between when the sourdough starter you purchase leaves our facility here in Vermont, and when you give it its first feeding. Keep this in mind when choosing a delivery method; if you need help making the smartest shipping choice, please contact our customer service team.

For best results, please feed your fresh sourdough starter within 24 hours of receiving it. Care and feeding directions are included with your order, and are also available in our Guide to Sourdough »

What you get
  • 7½" tall
  • 1¼-quart capacity, 1-quart usable capacity
  • Lid fits loosely to allow gases to escape
Care & storage

Microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe.