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Sift 2019 Gift Set

Sift 2019 Gift Set
Sift 2019 Gift Set - Alt 1
Sift 2019 Gift Set - Alt 2
Sift 2019 Gift Set - Alt 3
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The most beautiful way to get inspired to bake!

All three gorgeous issues of Sift magazine from 2019—spring, fall, and holiday—are bundled together in this set. You get pages and pages of your favorite baking magazine, ready to help you add new skills, new recipes, and new flavors to your kitchen. With three issues to page through, there’s no end of recipes to try and stories to transport you to cozy bakeries across the country.

You’ll find features on perfect grilled cheese recipes, delicious ways to bake with vanilla, rye breads in all sorts of shapes, and a round-up of bakeries in Austin. The spring issue is packed with bright, vibrant flavors: herb breads, pistachio recipes, stunning birthday cakes, and more. And finally, the holiday issue brings it all home with a collection of dinner rolls, cakes for gifting, fruit-forward holiday cookies, and dozens more ideas.

What you get
  • Over 150 recipes, both sweet and savory
  • Clever baking-centric ideas for entertaining
  • Easy, one-bowl recipes
  • Bakery tours and stories