Tortilla Press - 8 in.

Tortilla Press - 8 in.
Tortilla Press - 8 in. - Alt 1
Tortilla Press - 8 in. - Alt 2
Tortilla Press - 8 in. - Alt 3
Tortilla Press - 8 in. - Alt 4
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Taco night in a flash.

Once you taste a homemade corn tortilla, it's hard to go back. This press makes tortilla making a breeze. Place your prepared ball of masa into the press, push the lever, and instantly you'll have a fresh tortilla ready to cook! The sturdy cast aluminum press is durable, easy-to-store, and has excellent leverage, meaning steady, even pressure as you flatten the dough ball. The result: a smooth, perfectly round tortilla. Try our Organic Masa Harina to make delicious tortillas in this press.

What you get
  • 10¼" x 8" x 2¼"
  • Makes up to an 8" tortilla
  • Made of cast aluminum
Care & storage

Hand-wash only.

Test kitchen tips

Line your press with two pieces parchment paper on each side before putting dough ball in the press to keep tortillas from sticking. Presses aren't traditionally used for flour tortillas.