Wisconsin Mixing Bowls - Set of 4

Wisconsin Mixing Bowls - Set of 4
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Made by The Ellinger's Agatized Wood company of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, these bowls are a test kitchen favorite.

Stain-, chip-, peel-, blister- & crack-resistant.

What you get

Wisconsin's World Famous bowls. The warm look of wood; the easy-care of melamine. Bowls are 1-, 1½-, 2½- and 4-quart capacity. Size ranges from 5½" to 10". A combination of pine "flour" & melamine.

Care & storage

Dishwasher-safe (not microwave-safe).

Test kitchen tips

INSIDE INFO: These are my favorite mixing bowls. Why? Because they're strong, but weigh very little; who wants to lug a bowl that's heavy even before you fill it with cookie dough? Unlike stoneware or glass, you don't have to worry about dropping them. Plus, they're made in Wisconsin, my home state. With everything being sourced overseas these days, it feels good to support a long-time Midwestern company. - PJ Hamel, Baker's Catalogue editor

More information

CUSTOMER REVIEW: I like these mixing bowls-they are unbreakable and very light, and I think they are probably easier to keep "new" looking than melamine. I like them so much that I got a set for a dear friend who loves to bake, but can't lift her old Pyrex anymore-she broke her wrist, and it didn't heal properly. These bowls are just wonderful!