Baker's Cinnamon Filling - 24 oz.

Baker's Cinnamon Filling - 24 oz.
Baker's Cinnamon Filling - 24 oz. - Alt 1
Baker's Cinnamon Filling - 24 oz. - Alt 2
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How do you make that thick, rich cinnamon filling that you find in the middle of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon swirl bread, and sticky buns? Just add water, and spread on dough. Comes with complete instructions and a delicious recipe.

What you get

A ready-mix combination including our heady Vietnamese cinnamon, extra-fine Baker's Special sugar, and dry shortening. 24-ounce bag fills about 5 batches of buns or loaves of bread.

Dietary information
  • Kosher.
More information

From a customer blog; we couldn't have said it better! "You mix ¼-cup of mix with 1 tablespoon of water......THAT'S IT. It makes this gloopy gloppy schloppy wonderful cinnamon schmear. You just spread on your dough and bake. It will be better than any cinnamon bread or bun you have ever made yourself. It is truly bakery stays thick and moist. I have to pace myself or I would eat a whole loaf of this stuff... What are you waiting for??? GO ORDER IT NOW!!!!!!!!! This stuff is soooo good that one of the girls that babysits for us on our date night requires this cinnamon bread as payment and will accept NO MONEY. THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS!!!"