Whole Grains

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From nutrition to deeper flavor, whole grains bring a little extra something to baking. Discover the vast world of whole grain baking with our variety of flours, and check out our guide to baking with them for useful tips and tricks.

Learn About Baking with Whole Grains

Going with the grain

Exploring the world of whole grain bread

In exchange for a shift in texture, you get so much in return: new flavors and aromas, more nutrition, and — perhaps best of all — a world of options.

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Fit for the family

8 sweet treats you'll never guess are whole grain

It's a month known for cold – ranging from way below zero for those of us up North, to the "chilly" 60s for those in more temperate climes. January is also known for its New Year's resolutions: quickly made, and often just as hastily broken.

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our 2018 Recipe of the Year

Whole-Grain Banana Bread

We think this particular banana bread offers the best combination of flavor, texture, and versatility we’ve ever experienced.

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