Bread and Cake Enhancer

Bread and Cake Enhancer
Bread and Cake Enhancer - Alt 1
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A "miracle" ingredient for your cakes!

Our bakers have called this the "miracle" ingredient for many reasons: it makes cakes and other baked goods softer, moister, and helps them stay fresher longer.

Our blend contains vegetable fats that act as emulsifiers, allowing the fats and liquids in your favorite recipe to combine more easily. The enhancer also acts as a stabilizer and texture enhancer. Cake enhancers are commonly used in professional bakeries to keep breads fresh and soft, and help cakes stay light and fluffy.

Simply add 2 to 4 tablespoons of cake enhancer to your cake batter or yeast bread dough, and your cakes and loaves will be softer, moister, and stay fresher longer. It's especially great for making soft sandwich loaves.

What you get
  • 9 oz.
Dietary information
  • Kosher
Care & storage

Store cool and dry.