Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz.

Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz.
Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz. - Alt 1
Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz. - Alt 2
Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz. - Alt 3
Keto Wheat Flour - 16 oz. - Alt 4
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Have your cake and eat it too!

It’s now easier than ever to enjoy low-carb versions of your favorite breads and yeasted baked treats! With just 4g of net carbs per serving, our Keto Wheat Flour is a staple for anyone following a ketogenic diet or reducing their carb intake. It’s as easy as swapping it in, 1:1, for any recipe calling for all-purpose flour.

With a traditional wheat taste, our blend was formulated by bakers specifically for baking and shines in yeasted breads. It can also be used instead of breadcrumbs to coat meats or veggies — no need to give up your favorite dishes!

Made from whole wheat, our unique blend offers a nut-free alternative to common keto flours like almond or coconut. Pair with our Baking Sugar Alternative for an extra low-carb baked good with all the delicious flavor you’d expect with no aftertaste.

This flour also ranks low on the glycemic index, with an average value of 31. (For reference, foods with a glycemic index value less than 55 are considered to be low-glycemic index foods.) It also has a low glycemic load, at just 1 per serving. Similar to glycemic index values, glycemic load is useful for helping people identify which types and amounts of foods will produce relatively lower blood glucose responses after consumption. Glycemic load values of 10 or less are considered low.

What you get
  • 16-ounce resealable pouch
Test kitchen tips
  • Substitute 1-to-1 for all-purpose flour by volume (measuring cup)
  • For the best yeast breads, increase the water or milk in your dough by about 2 tablespoons per cup of Keto Flour.
  • Yeast doughs made with Keto Flour generally don’t require as much mixing and kneading as conventional, higher carb flours. 5 minutes of gentle mixing and kneading will be enough. Most will rise more quickly.
  • For creamed cakes, double the eggs in your recipe. The lack of starch in the flour hinders cakes so the addition of more eggs improves cake structure.
  • For oil-based cakes, double the eggs in your recipe and reduce the liquid by 2/3rd. Oil based cakes tend to have a larger ratio of water than creamed cakes. We’ve found that a water reduction greatly improves these cakes.
  • For scones, biscuits, and pie crusts, increase the liquid in your recipe by 25%