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Classic Thermapen®

Classic Thermapen®
Classic Thermapen® - Alt 1
Classic Thermapen® - Alt 2
Classic Thermapen® - Alt 3
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Bread bakers rely on this!

There’s no substitution for knowing exactly when your cakes and breads are baked to perfection, and that’s why we love Thermapen. A quick, accurate temperature check means you won’t have under baked quick breads, doughy yeast breads, and buns. The thin probe leaves very little trace in your baked good that the pen was even there. After putting in so much hard work, ensure that the final step to your masterpiece nothing but perfect!

What you get
  • Buttonless Auto-on with opened probe
  • Accuracy to 0.7°F
  • Takes temperature in 2-3 seconds
  • -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) range
  • Made by hand in England
  • Disable Auto-off
  • 1,500 hour battery life
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