All-Purpose Bread Bags

All-Purpose Bread Bags
All-Purpose Bread Bags - Alt 1
All-Purpose Bread Bags - Alt 2
All-Purpose Bread Bags - Alt 3
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Looking to keep your baked treats fresh? It's in the bag!

These oversized plastic bags are perfect for storing everything from granola in the cupboard to pancake mix in the freezer to fresh bread and buns on the counter. They're also handy for freezing bread or other baked goods, covering a 9" x 13" pan, and storing sheet cakes. Made of extra-sturdy food-safe plastic, these bags have less tearing and splitting so you can get multiple uses out of them while keeping your bread fresher for longer. Does not come with twist ties or clips.

What you get
  • 100 bags (Each bag measures 10" x 4" x 20")
  • Made of extra-sturdy food-safe plastic
  • Made in Vermont