Baking Parchment Paper - Set of 100 Half-Sheets

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Our #1 kitchen helper, this is the product we swear by as an essential for every baker and cook.

Winner of America’s Test Kitchen’s 2019 Parchment Paper Review!

Nonstick, precut, reusable parchment is your best baking assistant: There’s almost nothing it can’t make easier! Use it to line your baking sheets or pans with a sheet and forget about scrubbing afterward. Simply slide cookies off after baking and use over and over again. Our parchment paper is professional-grade, meaning it’s heavy-duty and premium-quality, so you can reuse it multiple times.

With a light silicone coating, our vegetable-based parchment paper works beautifully for everything from ensuring golden baked goods to helping eliminate mess when roasting vegetables. We like how it helps make thin, cracker-style pizza crust if you put the parchment and dough right on your baking stone.

And it’s useful beyond the oven! It’s an excellent, food-safe packaging and wrapping material for fragile baked goods. It’s very handy on the kitchen counter as a surface for rolling out pie crust or shaping breads or cutting biscuits: Not only will moving your dough around will be a breeze, it means no sticky countertops!

Each sheet measures 16½" x 12¼", which is just the right size for most cookie sheets; it nestles perfectly into our half sheet pans.

What you get
  • -100 half-sheets (Each sheet measures 16½" x 12¼")
  • Made in the USA
  • Kosher
Care & storage

Recommended maximum temperature is 450°F.

Test kitchen tips

Try lining your bread or 9" x 13" pans with parchment, and clipping it to the edges with metal binder clips. After the food is baked, you can use the parchment to lift the bread or cake right out of the pan.

In our test kitchen, we reuse each sheet till it falls apart (many times), so this amount of parchment will last you for a very long time. Once you've baked with parchment, you'll never want to go without.

For more tips, check out our articles: All about Parchment and 50 ways to love our parchment.

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