Vermont Boiled Cider - 1 Pint

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This versatile syrup adds a wonderful layer of apple intensity to anything you bake. Apple muffins, cookies, or cakes will be more apple-y. Use boiled cider as a flavor accent in pie, crisp, crumble or dumplings, turnovers or tarts.

Boiled cider magically captures the intense, robust flavor of just-picked apples, preserving it in liquid form.

Willis and Tina Wood of Wood's Cider Mill in Springfield, Vermont, press apple cider, then boil it till it becomes a thick, pourable syrup – tart-sweet, and intensely apple-flavored.

What you get

1-pint bottle.

Care & storage

Refrigerate after opening.

Test kitchen tips
  • Drizzle it atop cake, ice cream, or oatmeal.
  • Make your own cider – add 1 tablespoon boiled cider to 3/4 cup water, hot or cold.
  • Mix with confectioners' sugar for an apple glaze to drizzle on muffins or scones.
  • Makes a great glaze for meats when mixed with whole grain mustard.