Breaking Bread: A Baker's Journey Home by Martin Philip - Signed Copy

Breaking Bread: A Baker's Journey Home by Martin Philip - Signed Copy
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We're proud to offer this hand signed cookbook, a true labor of love from King Arthur Flour's very own head baker, the exceptionally talented Martin Philip.

This cookbook—complete with seventy-five original recipes and illustrated with dozens of photographs and original hand-drawn illustrations—is a brilliant, moving meditation on craft and love, told through stories of a life lived with a dedication and passion for art in many forms.

Martin came to King Arthur, and to the world of baking, with a fascinatingly diverse background. He was working in finance in New York City when he found himself searching for a creative connection. He's no stranger to art and creativity, as an opera singer, banjo player, and passionate amateur baker. His talents extend beyond mastering the techniques of bread-making: Martin pours his soul into his baking and you can taste the difference in his recipes and breads, which transform simple ingredients into edible works of art, each with a story behind them.

His book takes you on a tour of his kitchen, his recipes, and his passion. A beautifully written compilation of recipes, techniques, and stories, this is part memoir and part manual. You'll get delicious recipes, yes (like butter biscuits, whiskey bread pudding, bagels and muffins, cinnamon buns and ginger scones) but you'll also be transported into Martin's world: a world where simple pleasures matter. Breaking Bread is a guide to wholeheartedly embracing the staff of life.

With guidance and clever tips for bakers of all levels, this is a must-have tome for anyone's kitchen. With every page, you'll fall more in love with baking, and be inspired to live life to the very fullest (and most delicious).

What you get
  • 75 recipes
  • 381 pages
  • Hardcover