Charlotte Cake Pan

Charlotte Cake Pan
Charlotte Cake Pan - Alt 1
Charlotte Cake Pan - Alt 2
Charlotte Cake Pan - Alt 3
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The prettiest cakes, no decoration required.

This pan is designed to bake beautiful charlotte cakes and ice box cakes, but also works perfectly for other cake recipes. The capacity is the same as an 8" round cake pan, so you can use it for any cake recipe calling for an 8" round pan.

The durable cast aluminum pan offers superior baking performance. The pan's shiny finish reflects heat to prevent over-browning of the exterior of your cakes. Non-stick coating helps your cakes release cleanly from the pan. Minneapolis' family-owned Nordic Ware company makes this pan right here in the USA.

What you get
  • 2¼" x 8¾"
  • Equivalent capacity to an 8" round cake pan
  • Made in the USA
Care & storage

Oven safe to 400 degrees. Hand wash only, please. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the non-stick coating in your pan.

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Lifetime guarantee.