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Complete Yeast Set

Complete Yeast Set
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Keep your yeast happy.

SAF Red Yeast is our test kitchen's favorite all-around instant yeast. We use it every single day. Is the clear airtight canister durable, you ask? Ours has been happily living on the shelf in the freezer door for 10 years. Convenient stainless steel Yeast Measuring Spoon, stamped with our King Arthur Baking logo, accurately measures the standard amount used in yeast breads and the exact measurement of each grocery store yeast packets.

What you get
  • SAF Red Instant Yeast (1lb.; vacuum-packed brick)
  • 3-Cup Airtight Canister (BPA-free acrylic, 4" x 6", holds 1lb of yeast)
  • Yeast Measuring Spoon (stainless steel, measures 2¼ teaspoons)
Care & storage

Canister is dishwasher-safe on top rack. Spoon is dishwasher-safe.

Test kitchen tips

For best results, store yeast in an airtight container in the freezer for 12 months or longer. No need to thaw or warm it; you can measure it right from the freezer.