Doughnut Hole Pan

Doughnut Hole Pan
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Make perfectly shaped baked (not fried!) doughnut holes at home with our pan!

Baking your doughnut holes means less mess and no splattering oil: Just add your batter to the bottom pan, cover it with the top, lock it into place with the tabs, and bake. The nonstick pans are designed to easily release your doughnut holes or miniature cakes, brownies, or pancake pops.

What you get
  • 10½“ x 8“ x 1⅔“
  • Makes twelve 1½" doughnut holes
  • Made of aluminum
  • BPA-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Ten-year warranty
Care & storage

Freezer- and oven-safe. Pan cleans up easily by just hand-rinsing in hot soapy water; dishwasher isn't necessary, nor advised.

Test kitchen tips

A heaping scoop using our teaspoon scoop fills the wells perfectly. Buy two pans to speed up baking, and make a larger batch of treats at once!