King Arthur Flour Bowl Scraper

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What makes our King Arthur bowl scraper different from any other? It's the absolute perfect flex: soft enough to follow the contours of your bowl and scrape out every last bit of thin cake batter, sticky cookie dough, or thick brownie batter. And stiff enough to scrape dried-on bits of dough off your countertop… or frost off your car windshield.

Use this multi-purpose tool to knead sticky dough, divide it into loaves, portion rolls, or cut bread sticks (and more), quickly and easily.

What you get

At last! Here's the bowl scraper of your dreams. 5¾" x 3¾" flexible plastic scraper fits your hand perfectly. Subtly embossed with our King Arthur logo.

Care & storage



Test kitchen tips

Dough scrapers do a good job of cutting brownies in the pan; just use the flat edge to cut straight down in the pan.