Bensdorp Dutch-Process Cocoa - 16 oz.

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Imported from Holland. Our Bensdorp cocoa has a mahogany red color, with a rich, full flavor; a classic European-style unsweetened cocoa powder.

"Smooth yet full bodied chocolate taste..." "This is sinful! It makes the best brownies, chocolate cake..." "This is the best full fat cocoa I can find for baking." Our customers say it best: Bensdorp full-fat (24%-26%) cocoa is a food-lover's dream come true.

Bensdorp cocoa is "Dutch-processed" to lower its acidity. The result? Rich flavor that shines through, and darker, more "chocolate-y" color in baked treats.

What you get
  • 1-pound bag
  • Rich, full flavor; a classic European-style unsweetened cocoa powder
Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Test kitchen tips

Since this is a full-fat cocoa, it's best to whisk it through a strainer before adding to your recipe to get rid of lumps.

Dutch-process or natural cocoa: which should you use, if your recipe doesn't specify? If the recipe doesn't include any leavening or uses baking powder, choose any cocoa: Either Dutch-process, or our Triple blend, which offers the best of both worlds. If the recipe uses baking soda, choose our Triple Cocoa Blend.

Ideal for all recipes calling for dutch-process (a.k.a. European-style) cocoa. Great for sauces and icings, too.

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