Citrus Oil Set - Orange-Lemon-Lime - 1 oz.

Citrus Oil Set - Orange-Lemon-Lime - 1 oz.
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ALL-TIME BEST-SELLERS! Use each as you would fresh rind to flavor muffins, breads, pastries and pies; we figure ¼ to ½ teaspoon is the approximate equivalent of 1 tablespoon grated rind.

What you get

No more scraped knuckles and dessicated, rind-less fruit! The Boyajian company brings us these Citrus Oils, remarkably intense essences squeezed from the rind of fresh fruit; there's no oil added, just all-natural fruit flavor. Oils are available individually, or try a set of three 1-ounce bottles (orange, lemon and lime).

Care & storage

Please refrigerate after opening, and caution: they stain.