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Crêpe Making Set

Crêpe Making Set
Crêpe Making Set - Alt 1
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Save on essentials for making perfect dessert crêpes easily at home: nonstick Crêpe Pan, and Simple and Easy Crêpe Mix.

Made in France, the pan's black carbon steel material withstands higher temperatures to seal in flavor and delivers even heat distribution to make flawless 8" crêpes. Our Simple and Easy Crêpe Mix yields delicious, traditional crêpes--perfect for filling and rolling.

What you get
  • Carbon steel Crêpe Pan (9½" or 18" including handle)
  • Simple and Easy Crêpe Mix (makes 21 to 23 crêpes)
Care & storage

Stovetop- and oven-safe. Hand-wash with hot water immediately after use and then dry thoroughly. Store in a dry place.

Test kitchen tips

To season the pan, wash it in warm soap and water and thoroughly dry. Take a paper towel and wipe the interior of the pan with any type of flavorless cooking oil. Heat the pan while empty on medium-high until oil begins to smoke. Discard the oil and wipe pan down with a paper towel. You can repeat the process or let patina build up over time.