King Arthur Butter Keeper

King Arthur Butter Keeper
King Arthur Butter Keeper - Alt 1
King Arthur Butter Keeper - Alt 2
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Soft and spreadable butter, whenever you need it.

Discover the secret that Europeans and butter-lovers everywhere know. Traditional water-sealed stoneware butter-keeper creates an airtight seal to preserve your butter's freshness — right on your countertop. Keeps butter soft and spreadable, ready for toast, English muffins, bagels, and other treats.

What you get
  • 3¾" x 3½" stoneware butter keeper with hollow lid and base
  • Holds a 4-ounce stick of butter
  • Glazed inside and out

Pack 1 stick of butter into the well in the underside of the butter keeper's cover. Add about 1" cold water to the base. Place the lid into the base; the butter is now sealed from air by the water. Leave butter keeper out on your counter or table for fresh, spreadable butter. For best results, change the water in the keeper every three days.