King Arthur Rolling Mat

King Arthur Rolling Mat
King Arthur Rolling Mat - Alt 1
King Arthur Rolling Mat - Alt 2
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Roll out dough like a pro with this silicone mat.

Nonstick silicone mat makes cleanup easier and is great for rolling out pie and pizza crusts, shaping breads, buns, braids, and other sticky baking projects. Concentric circles make it easy to roll the right sized shape — no guesswork necessary! Stamped with the King Arthur Baking logo.

What you get
  • 18" x 24½"
  • Made of silicone - no sticking, no tearing, no mess!
  • Measurements along 3 sides to roll dough to size
  • Measured circles for rolling pie dough from 4" to 14"
  • Makes cleanup easier
  • Markings won't rub or wear off
Care & storage

Dishwasher-safe. Oven-safe to 500°F. Use only plastic utensils or cutters and press gently to prevent scoring the mat. Avoid direct heat, like stovetops or hot plates.

Test kitchen tips

Sprinkle with a light coating of flour (or spray with oil), and roll easily. You can pick up the mat, with your perfectly rolled piecrust, and invert the dough onto your prepared pan. No worries about tearing during transfer.