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Rolling Mat
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Don't roll pie crust or bread dough on your countertop, when you can roll on this non-stick, easy-clean mat. 18" x 24½".

What you get
  • Made of silicone - no sticking, no tearing, no mess!
  • Great for rolling out pie crust, bread dough, pizza... Or for shaping buns, braids, turnovers, and other creations.
  • Allows you to roll dough to size, without a ruler.
  • Includes measured circles for rolling pie dough, from 4" to 14".
  • Also features measurements along three edges of mat.
  • When you're done rolling, just pick up the mat, shake excess flour into the trash can, and rinse - no messy counter to scrape and wipe down.
Care & storage

Note: This mat isn't designed to be used with sharp cutters, pizza wheels, or knives. If you're rolling and cutting cookies or biscuits, plastic cutters are preferred; and press GENTLY, so as not to score the surface.

Oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. Oven-safe to 536°.

Test kitchen tips

Sprinkle with a light coating of flour (or spray with oil), and roll easily. You can pick up the mat, with your perfectly rolled piecrust, and invert the dough onto your prepared pan. No worries about tearing during transfer.