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Perfect Popovers Set

Perfect Popovers Set
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Essentials for perfect popovers!

With this pan, mix, and scoop set, anyone can bake hot, buttery, crisp, light-as-air popovers (everyone's favorite bread-basket treat!) at home. Use the scoop to get just the right amount of batter for each well (and to scoop more easily and efficiently).

Standard popover pan yields delicious results. Six separate wells are connected only at their rims, so oven-hot air circulates freely between them, with sufficient space between each well so they don't crowd. The result? Loftier, higher rising popovers that dome 5" above the pan! Handles on each end of the pan keep popovers safe from bulky oven mitts as you transport them to your dinner table.

The durable cast aluminum pan offers superior baking performance. The pan's shiny finish reflects heat to prevent over-browning of the exterior of your popovers. Nonstick coating helps your popovers release cleanly from the pan. Minneapolis' family-owned Nordic Ware company makes this pan right here in the USA.

What you get
  • Pan has six wells (each well holds ½ cup of batter)
  • Pan is 14½" x 8½" with handles
  • Popover Scoop holds a little less than ½ cup
  • Golden Popover Mix (1 box, makes 6 popovers)
Care & storage

Pan is oven-safe to 450°F. Hand-wash only pan and scoop, please. Dishwasher use is not recommended.

Test kitchen tips

Our standard popover pans take about 5 minutes more baking time than regular popover recipes indicate. Try the pan for big, crown-top muffins; tall cupcakes, and individual Yorkshire puddings, too.