Shortbread Cookie Mix

Shortbread Cookie Mix
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Only three things are necessary to have traditional buttery, not-overly-sweet shortbread in minutes: our mix, some butter, and your love and care. Our simple mix makes baking memories easier than ever: just mix in the butter, pat into pan, and bake.

What you get

Bakes into a traditional buttery, rich shortbread. Makes about 2½ dozen 1½" x 4" wedges.

Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Test kitchen tips

For a fancier shortbread, drizzle with chocolate and or caramel, then sprinkle on chopped nuts. A tin or bag of dressy shortbread makes a great gift.

Vary the flavor of your shortbread try adding ½ to 1 teaspoon of orange, lemon, chocolate, coffee, or almond extract or up to a ¼ teaspoon of any of our stronger flavors. We like eggnog for the holidays, or Fiori di Sicilia for any time of year.