Simply Snazzy Cookie Stamps

Simply Snazzy Cookie Stamps
Simply Snazzy Cookie Stamps - Alt 1
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An easy way to make decorative holiday cookies without fancy frosting! These cookie stamps come in handy when holiday baking season rolls around, making it simple to bake impressive desserts for cookie trays, parties, and more.

We collaborated with Nordic Ware to design these stamps with a striking, Art Deco-inspired look. We love the sharp, precise lines in the shapes, so together with Nordic Ware's incredible craftsmanship, we created our very own set.

Simply press the stamps into your dough to imprint cookies with 3 different designs.

What you get
  • 3" x 3¼" high each (set of three)
  • Made of cast aluminum and wood
  • Lifetime warranty
Care & storage

Hand-wash recommended. Never submerge wooden handles in water.

Test kitchen tips

Apply a light coat of oil to each stamp using a pastry brush or nonstick spray. Reapply oil if cookie dough begins to stick to stamp.