Uniform Pastry Pin - 1/4"

Uniform Pastry Pin - 1/4"
Uniform Pastry Pin - 1/4" - Alt 1
Uniform Pastry Pin - 1/4" - Alt 2
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After testing this rolling pin, our bakers didn't want to give it back! It's a foolproof tool for rolling perfectly even ¼"-thick pie crusts and cutout cookie dough. Extra-long 18" working length makes it easy to roll out a large amount of dough at once.

What you get

24" overall length

Made of hardwood

Made in Vermont

Care & storage

Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Do not soak or immerse in water or wash in dishwasher. If wood feels dry, apply food grade mineral oil with a lint free cloth. If wood grain becomes raised - causing a rough feeling - a light buffing of the barrel with fine sandpaper, and applying mineral oil afterwards, will smooth out any roughness.