Vanilla Cream Scone Mix

Vanilla Cream Scone Mix
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So simple, yet so delicious.

Made with fragrant vanilla beans, our Vanilla Cream scones have a not-too-sweet delicate vanilla flavor, making them perfect for customizing to your particular taste by adding additional ingredients like raisins or other dried fruits. A teatime classic we can't get enough of!

Freshly baked homemade scones are quick and easy with our simple scone mixes — we do the measuring and mixing for you! Our mixes are made with simple, good ingredients, the sort we bake with every day in our kitchens — no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and all non-GMO. Perfect for serving at breakfast, an afternoon snack, for yourself, your family, or your guests. Simply mix and bake for warm, delicious scones in fewer than 30 minutes.

What you get
  • Makes 8 to 16 scones (depending on how you portion them

Test kitchen tips

For perfectly portioned drop scones, our bakers swear by our scone-scoop. Each heaping scoopful yields roughly ⅓-cup of dough. Sprinkle with sparkling sugar, and you've got scones fit for the King. All of our mixes were tested using this handy scoop.