Whole Grain Bread Improver, 12 oz.

Whole Grain Bread Improver, 12 oz.
Whole Grain Bread Improver, 12 oz. - Alt 1
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Are your whole-grain loaves short and dense? Solve the problem with King Arthur's Whole-Grain Bread Improver.

  • Loaves will rise higher, and have better texture.
  • Perfect for all whole-grain (or partially whole-grain) loaves.
What you get

Add a tablespoon of this improver to a typical 3-cup-flour yeast bread recipe. In 12-ounce container.

Dietary information
  • Kosher.
Test kitchen tips

Give your whole-grain loaves better texture and a higher rise! For each cup of flour in your recipe, put 1½ teaspoons Improver in the bottom of the measuring cup (1 teaspoon Improver per cup, for loaves with less than 50% whole grains), then fill the remainder of the cup with flour.

Here's a whole-grain tip: Breads made with more than 50% whole grains will absorb liquid more slowly than bread made with all-purpose or bread flour. Mix whole-grain dough, and let it rest for 30 minutes before kneading. This will give the grains a chance to absorb the liquid fully.