Golden Brioche Bread Mix

Golden Brioche Bread Mix
Golden Brioche Bread Mix - Alt 1
Golden Brioche Bread Mix - Alt 2
Golden Brioche Bread Mix - Alt 3
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You might not know it, but you need brioche in your life.

The combination of butter, eggs, and flour come together to create a soft, fluffy, and flavorful bread that is as perfect for French toast as it is for grilled cheese. Its rich buttery taste and brilliant golden color will have you coming back for slice after slice!

Homemade bread is one of life's greatest pleasures, and our mixes help you bake it easily at home. Made with only the simple, good, non-GMO ingredients you want and nothing you don't: no artificial sweeteners or flavors, no artificial colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. You'll be serving fresh bread from the oven in no time.

What you get
  • Makes one 1½ lb loaf
Test kitchen tips

This is one of the slowest breads to rise so be patient. It may take longer than the package instructions.

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