Silicone Cookie Mat

Silicone Cookie Mat
Silicone Cookie Mat - Alt 1
Silicone Cookie Mat - Alt 2
Silicone Cookie Mat - Alt 3
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Put cookies on the spot.

Let this clever nonstick mat be your guide to making perfectly spaced cookies. Features polkadots to guide your cookie placment so they come out evenly spaced, every time. Choose your size (teaspoon, tablespoon, 3 tablespoons), and drop dough balls accordingly. Stamped with the King Arthur Baking logo.

What you get
  • 16½" x 11½"
  • Choose your cookie size and drop by teaspoon, tablespoon, or 3 tablespoons according to dot
  • Made of nonstick silicone
  • Perfectly fits half-sheet pan
  • Markings won't rub or wear off
Care & storage

Microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. Oven-safe to 500°F. Use only plastic utensils or cutters and press gently to prevent scoring the mat. Avoid direct heat, like stovetops or hot plates.