Standard Dough-Rising Bucket

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  • Comes with lid and easy grip handles.
  • Marked with the perfect volume measurements for standard bread recipes.
  • A single-batch yeast dough, doubled, rises to the bucket's ridge line; a bigger batch (4 cups of flour) hits the 2-quart mark when it's doubled.
  • Great general storage for flour, grains, soups and stocks.
What you get

Dough Doubler takes away the guesswork. 7" x 4". 2-quart capacity. BPA free.

Care & storage

Cleaning Tip: After your dough has finished rising, do not wash the container immediately nor set it to soak. Instead, keep the lid off until it dries out completely and then scrape the dried dough from the container into the waste basket. It will take only an instant to wash and you will not have a gooshy mess to get rid of. To scrape the container easily before you wash it, use a plastic scraper or a rough plastic mesh, such as the bags onions, shallots and garlic are often sold in.

More information

When using bucket for actively rising dough (rather than for storage), set the lid on top without snapping it on. If the lid is snapped on tight, it may be difficult to remove, due to interior pressure from the growing yeast.