Star Cookie Cutters

Star Cookie Cutters
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Bring on the star-spangled cookies, pies and patriotic treats with these deep, sturdy cutters. Perfect for cutting baked brownies and cakes, too.

What you get

Set of five nesting tinplate cutters, 1¼" to 3½", comes in its own round tin for easy storage.

Care & storage

Hand wash and dry thoroughly before storing.

Test kitchen tips

Star Tree tip: Cut out and bake roll-out cookies in graduated sizes using our star cutters. We used about 6 of the largest sizes and 3 or 4 of the medium and one of the smallest for each tree.

  • Stack all the largest stars, then the medium and finally top with the smallest, twisting the cookies so the points are pointing in different directions
  • using dabs of frosting , or white icing, to hold the stars in place.
  • Dust with snow white non melting sugar, or confectioners' sugar for a snowy effect.