Vanilla Bean Crush - 8 oz.

Vanilla Bean Crush - 8 oz.
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"Robust, floral, aromatic, and sweet" is how Sonoma Syrup Co. describes its pure, cold-press vanilla bean extract flecked with finely crushed vanilla beans and vanilla bean seeds.

  • Adds intense flavor and a great "look" to your baked goods and ice cream!
  • From Sonoma Syrup Company, a small California company producing handcrafted American artisan extracts.
  • No sugar.
What you get

A blend of intensely flavored Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla beans, ripened on the vine, carefully cured, and imported to California to be brewed into this high-quality varietal extract. Use anywhere you'd use standard vanilla extract. Big 8-ounce bottle will last a LONG time.

Dietary information

No sugar.