Baker's Couche - 24" X 26"

Baker's Couche - 24" X 26"
Baker's Couche - 24" X 26" - Alt 1
Baker's Couche - 24" X 26" - Alt 2
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Give your baguettes a classic chewy yet crunchy crust.

Professional bakers use a couche (an untreated, unbleached canvas cloth) to create their fabulous crusty baguettes, and you can too! Nestling your rising baguette dough into this loosely woven cloth keeps your dough's surface evenly dry as it rises, which allows a thin 'skin' that transforms into a crackly crust as baguettes bake.

To use it, simply flour the cloth, then place your shaped baguettes in the folds and let them rise. Use a transfer peel to move your baguettes onto a hot baking stone (or other baking surface).The larger cloth size (24" x 26") allows more room for baguettes. Made from 100% flax fibers with finished edges so it won't fray over time. Imported from France.

What you get
  • 24" x 26"
  • Made of 100% flax fiber
Care & storage

Not intended for use in the oven. Simply brush flour off the couche when done. If dough sticks, allow it to dry, then scrape off. Please DO NOT wash your couche! Doing so washes away the yeasty, floury surface that gives your bread the unique crust for which baguettes are known; to help maintain that floury surface, we recommend storing your couche in a ziplock bag in the freezer in between uses.