Bread Braiding Mat

Bread Braiding Mat
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Making intricate braided breads at home is such a rewarding project for a baker, and now it's simpler than ever to do with this clever tool.

Braided loaves may look complicated, but our new mat guides you (with easy-to-follow markings and instructions) to loaf perfection, no matter your skill level. Months of research and design went into this mat, which was created by our very own bakers. We couldn't find any useful guide to bread braiding out there, so we made our own!

Tested by bakers of every level and expertise, we know it works. It guides you easily towards recipe success, helping you keep track of exactly where to place your strands to braid, whether you're making a simple or complex braided loaf.

It's an incredibly useful helping hand towards creating show-stopping homemade breads.

What you get
  • 18" x 24½"
  • Includes guide for both 6-strand braids and filled braids
  • Made of silicone
Care & storage

Oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. Oven-safe to 536°. Note: This mat isn't designed to be used with sharp cutters, pizza wheels, or knives. Plastic cutters are preferred; press GENTLY, so as not to score the surface.