Flour Wand

Flour Wand
Flour Wand - Alt 1
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Dust dough quickly and efficiently.

As you roll out your dough, sprinkle with a mere gentle shower of flour to prevent sticking and tearing. Our old-fashioned flour wand makes "flour dusting" a breeze.

Simply dip in flour canister, squeeze handle to open, let go to capture flour. Position over dough, squeeze gently for a dusting of flour, harder for a shower.

What you get
  • 9" x 2 1/4"; handle 6" x 2"; closed coil 2"; opened coil 4"
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Made in the USA
Care & storage


Test kitchen tips

For a finer layer of flour than you could apply by hand. More convenient than a sifter.